Letter from the Owner, Lauren Lindstrom

As I send off another group of courageous and capable students into the next thrilling stage of their lives, I want to update you about a big change in mine as well.

My six years with College Pathfinders have been rewarding in so many ways. Nothing compares to supporting students through this transformative time in life.  And although I feel inspired by the connections I’ve made, I have also noticed several disturbing trends.

Our society’s rigid definition of success has left us in a college admissions arms race, where students compete for painfully high GPA’s and perfect test scores. The level of anxiety I see in my students has also become increasingly hard to ignore. Recently, I’ve had to ask myself: What will happen if we - if I - don’t do anything to change these troubling trends? That is why I will be pressing pause on College Pathfinders: to investigate these issues and search for solutions.

This fall I will join professors at Harvard University to do research in this field.  For the 2019-2020 school year I will be working on my Masters of Education in Human Development and Psychology, and will not be taking on clients.  In that time I hope to discover how College Pathfinders can best transform the college admissions process, making it less stressful and more meaningful.   

Conscious Counseling

Our counselors have first-hand experience with the college admissions climate of today. We'll keep you focused while de-stressing the college admissions process. 


Our Mission

The College Pathfinders program demystifies the intimidating admissions game by breaking it down into small, achievable tasks designed specifically for each student. 

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What They're Saying

 "Lauren is very positive and has created a great dynamic with my daughter. As a result, my daughter looks up to her and respects her opinion." -Pathfinders Parent

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