The college admissions process is complex and intimidating for today's busy—and often overwhelmed—students and parents. Most teens aren't equipped to navigate the stressful admissions process alone. Stress usually isn't brought on by doing too much but by knowing too little and starting too late. The key is to break the college admissions process into manageable pieces.

 In an ideal world, in-school counseling would do the job. But these programs are often severely limited due to funding constraints. What's needed is someone with up-to-date information, extensive experience and a proven approach to helping students and families. 

College Pathfinders is an academic counseling and coaching program designed to take the stress out of the application process. This program can begin as early as 8th grade and as late as 12th. We help families decide which colleges are best in terms of interests, abilities and accomplishments. Then we work one-on-one throughout high school to build winning applications.